Leasing or Sales Details

If you don't have problem on the state leasing or sales price, please provide Business Registration and namecard for account openning  

The additional charges such as transportation, assembling & dismantling, form 5 issuing, etc. are not included on the stated price

Scaffold Rental

Scaffold Sales

Scissor Platform Rental

**Pricing on website is for reference only**

15% administration fee will be charged for credit card payment method,  formal quotation will be issued for final confirmation.

Online shop is only valid for ordering standard scaffold. After the order submission, we will contact you for the details and issue the formal quotation for confirmation. 

If it is needed to rent / purchase other types of scaffold or required any other related services, please feel free to contact 2388 8116 / 6887 6887 for inquiries or quote. 

New customer requires payment of deposit as security against all charges will may become payable in respect of an account.

Our company reserves the right to adjust the price(s).

Should there be dispute, our company reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation.