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Aluminium Scaffolding

Our Aluminium Scaffolding is qualified for British standard EN BS1004-2:2021 Class III (1) (2) & BS1139-3:1994 and UNI HD1004:1993. Our flexibility of scaffold dimensions sets us aside from the traditional suppliers. Assembling on our client's demands, we offer single-width and double-width scaffold whose platform heights can be customized with the variable combo of with 3-Rung, 4-Rung, and 5-Rung Frame. We also value the safety of workers with installation of protective railing on the top, preventing falling of workers.

To conveniently deliver the materials and tools to the top of scaffold, our Step Tower is designed with 45 Degree Stair Access, highly enhancing the efficiency with the safety of workers secured.

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M-Type Tower

Our M - Type Tower, introduced in 2012 for Project Victoria Swimming Pool is known for its flexibility and great loading capacity. It works brilliantly in stage and lighting construction as well as that of exterior walls. Its basic unit, a 400mm interlocking aluminium cube, allows limitless combination thus satisfying the most difficult terrains and project constraints. 200mm cube with thinned wall thickness is introduced in 2015, catering to the more intricate and delicate terrains and construction site.

Apart from the basic frame unit 'The Cube', several derivatives have been developed, facilitating the assembling process and more importantly adapting to the unique requirement of every single projects.

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Foldable Unit Podium Step Tower

Foldable Unit Podium Step Tower is your first, legal option for any short-term aerial projects, especially for those in narrow corridors and confined indoor environment. Light and almost-instantly-assembled, it takes no extra tools and just negligible parts to be installed before getting into action. The 360 all-round protection barriers are installed to prevent workers from falling out of the platform.  

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Scissor Platform

Our scissor platforms are vastly applied in construction sites, hotels, airports, docks and stadiums for part installation, maintenance & repairing, cleaning and other aerial work function. Safe, highly efficient, convenient, it can navigate through narrow shopping malls aisle and confined environment. Moreover, it can be modified with scaffold components for client's specific requirements.The platform can go from 5m to 11m high and carry more than 2 workers. The wide-angle steering system ensures an easy manipulation and extendable upper platform allows extra room for larger goods and manpower. 

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