Mansion Street, Quarry Bay


As the working environment has planters, not enough space for erecting scaffold. By using cantilever scaffold, it can access the working position by cantilever.

On the other working position, aluminium scaffolding is used, it provides different scaffold height, its high motivation and flexibility are suitable for different environment.

Scaffold used:

2.34M Ladda Span D/W + 750mmCantilever (Platform Size: 1.35m x 1.8m + 0.75m, Platform Height: 2.34m + 0.29m)

3.27M Ladda Span S/W Double guardrail (1.5m) (Platform Size: 0.75m x 1.5m, Platform Height: 3.27 + 0.29m)

3.73M Ladda Span S/W (Platform Size: 0.75m x 1.5m, Platform Height: 3.73 + 0.29m)